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Ceramic worktops

Ceramic is an iconic material, having been used for centuries to create beautiful, functional objects and decorations. But when it comes to worktops, ceramic is a relatively new contender. Thanks to innovative manufacturing processes, ceramic worktops are now extremely viable as a kitchen surface - offering great resistance to wear and tear, as well as a stunning aesthetic.

Whether you’re installing ceramic floor tiles or an entire kitchen worktop, there’s no denying the classic beauty of this material when used in interiors. And because it’s already present in many homes, people often match it to existing elements in their kitchen for a consistent appearance. But there’s much more to a ceramic worktop than good looks. A hard-wearing, extremely durable, fire and scratch-resistant surface makes ceramic the ideal kitchen worktop. It’s also inherently easy to care for, requiring little more than a damp cloth and mild detergent to keep it looking as good as new.

In our range of ceramic and porcelain worktops, you’ll find a great selection of different colours and styles. From traditional shades of stone to streaks of marble-like hue, if you’ve got a vision in mind for your kitchen worktop, you’ll find a product here to make it a reality. Each brand offers its own spectrum of styles, so make sure you browse through them all to locate the right pattern and colour for your space.

The price for a ceramic worktop varies between brands, colours and styles but, with our quick online price estimator, receiving a quote has never been easier. The process is simple: select a worktop style, complete the form details and receive your quote. What’s more, our 0% interest finance option is also available across our entire range of worktops, including ceramic* - this means you can spread the cost over a period of up to 3 years at no extra cost.

Browse through our selection of brands below, which include well-known manufacturers like Lapitec, Neolith and Dekton. Once you’ve found your ideal ceramic worktop, it’s as easy as requesting a quote so you can see costings. And once you’re happy, we’ll manufacture and install your brand-new bespoke kitchen worktop.

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